One of the purposes of BSTS is to encourage and promote tourism research in Bhutan. Many students, entrepreneurs or for that matter any person/agency interested in tourism development are in search of relevant literature. While International literature is quite easily accessible it is the local literature that becomes difficult to access.

As such in the interest of encouraging and promoting tourism research and education we will upload local reports that we have access to for the benefit of our members. It is important to understand the existing situation and challenges so that one gets a realistic insight to tourism issues and according can contribute towards its sound development.

As these are reports of studies conducted by individual researchers, agencies, etc.. please be mindful to use the information responsibly.

Any agencies or individuals with relevant articles or reports are welcome to contribute to this page.

List of reports/articles

  1. Guidelines for ecotourism Development in the PAs
  2. Royal Manas Tourism plan
  3. Destination Manas
  4. Destination Haa
  5. ABTO – Bhutan Tourism Review & Recommendations 2016
  6. Bhutan Tourism Product Development Guidelines
  7. Tourism Strategy and Development Plans 2013 – 2018
  8. Carrying capacity report_Haa_Phobjikha
  9. CBET_case study Nabji Korphu
  10. WWF_Destination Development Strategy – Bhutan
  11. Evaluation-Report-GNHC-complete
  12. Bhutan Tourism Monitor_2017
  13. RMNP ecolodges evaluation report
  14. Trashi Yangtsi_Tourism Dev Plan
  15. YDF_Tourism plan_My Gakidh Village
  16. Helvetas_Zhemgang_CBT action plan

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