Bhutan Sustainable Tourism Society

       Advocating synergy for sustainability
Contributing to the vision of Gross National Happiness      

Bhutan with its unique cultural resources and pristine natural environment aspires to become a model destination for sustainable Tourism. Recognizing the positive benefits but also aware of the pitfalls ever since tourism started in 1974 the country has pursued a cautious policy based on ‘High Value Low Volume’. However over the years with increase in arrival numbers and apprehensive over the adverse impact on the natural and cultural heritage the policy was changed to ‘High Value Low Impact’. While Bhutan continues to reap the benefits of tourism it is coming at a cost of increasing adverse impacts. Weak coordination and collaboration among the sector agencies is impeding the opportunities to address the threats/challenges. Combined efforts and partnerships are critical for enhancing sustainability. Recognizing this gap in coordination and the need to foster partnerships Bhutan Sustainable Tourism Society was launched in 27th September, 2018 coinciding with the World Tourism day. BSTS aims to foster collaboration and partnership by creating a common platform for all tourism partners and stakeholders to come together to discuss share and inspire sustainable tourism development. The society will be steered by a group of passionate volunteers with several years of experience, knowledge and commitment on tourism. Membership will be open to individuals from all walks of life that have the passion, interest and dedication to support the growth of sustainable tourism in Bhutan.

Sustainable Tourism Development offers enormous opportunities to realize Bhutan’s overarching development vision of Gross National Happiness.            


The society aspires to achieve the following objectives:

Promote collective planning and management of tourism development in Bhutan by creating a forum for all stakeholders/partners to come together
Serve as a think tank to help provide informed decisions
Promote awareness and research to enhance growth of sustainable tourism

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Advancing sustainable tourism growth for GNH
        To promote effective partnerships and collaboration to enhance good planning and management for Sustainability        
Creating a common platform open for all to discuss share and inspire sustainable tourism growth